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Summer activities for little explorers

It’s the first official day of summer! Looking for activities to keep the kids busy? well you’re in luck if your little explorers want to go Dino hunting. Check out your local science centers or zoo’s. Liberty science center in New Jersey is showing Movies – Flying Monsters 3D, New Yorks Museum of Natrual History has a wonderful year round exhibit.  Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix  is showing SEAREX 3D: JOURNEY TO A PREHISTORIC WORLD. Check out the Dino dig at the  Museum of Nature & Science Texas Dinosaurs | DallasTexas The Imax theatre is showing Flying Monsters which is awesome.

If you’ve been there, done that…. then go check out their life-like animatronic counterparts. Field Station Dinosaurs-Dinosaurs have returned to the Meadowlands of Secaucus, New Jersey. The new educational theme park has 31 realistic animatronic dinosaurs. Explorers are greeted by a flying dinosaur Pterandon perched in a tree. Dinosaur explorers hike along a trail passing meat eating dino’s like T-Rex and long necked vegetarians like Argentinosaurus. This just opened Memorial day week-end and I haven’t been able to check it out yet, please leave a comment if you visit it .

Animatronic Dino on the prowl

Universal Studios Jurasic park-T-Rex on the prowl
Photo by M.Anaya- property of Blue Sandpiper Imprints.

Jurassic Park Discovery Center is located at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida. The Pteranodon Flyer is a hanging coaster that glides over Jurassic play area. The scenic ride is for children, Adults only get to fly if they’re accompanied by a child, thankfully I had one with me. I’ll talk more about Universal Studios in my next blog-so much fun, even for a big kid like me.

DINOSAUR is an exciting adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.  Climb aboard a time rover to be transported to the age of dinosaurs on a quest to bring back a living piece of history.  Buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride. Your group has 60 seconds to get in and out before a meteor crashes into the planet. I highly recommend it.

Wild dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


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