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It’s that time of year when all of the little monsters come out to play. This year there’s a new monster on the block. This book App is a continuation of the Axe’s Monster Fest adventures with lots of new characters to interact with.

The Monsterrific Music Fest is off to a great start as it takes the viewer on a world wind tour. This choose your path or adventure story format is a crowd pleaser.


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Book App Summary

Axe’s Monster Fest is the first of a two part series, which continues with The Monsterrific Music World Tour.  It features a group of adorable monsters, Axe and the Groundhogs who have big dreams of being Mon-stars. It’s a dream come true when the band is chosen to perform at the annual Monster Fest. When the lead singer loses her voice a few days before the show, The Groundhogs race against time to find the perfect monster because the show must go on. The adventure continues with The Monsterrific Music World Tour as the band follows their dream to go on tour.



Axe’s Monster fest is an interactive rock music themed storybook app while The Monsterrific Music World Tour is a non linear, choose your path adventure as the band takes the reader on a whirlwind tour. This educational story features world music, and a virtual tour of famous cities and their landmarks.

Behind the Books

Author and Teacher, Michelle Anaya, whose sons were reluctant readers, created this dynamic duo of monsterrific tales. These interactive books were created to become an educational and enjoyable alternative to video games. They also have curriculum and activities which are also downloadable from the author’s website.

Why will kids love these books?

Kids love the adorable monsters, their story, the music, playing with the instruments and the integrated games in Axe’s Monster fest. In The Monsterrific Music World Tour they enjoy driving the story as they get to choose the band’s tour stops. The additional activities such as the Music Studio and games are sure to please as well.

With fun things to see and do on every page, it’s perfect for teaching and entertaining ages 4-8!

icon320x320-2The Monsterrific Music World Tour IPad Link


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