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Rx Bavaro Beach Punta Cana

Life is a whirlwind these days in this household. With relocation plans in full swing; A new job, new state & new home on the horizon, we needed a moment of R & R from the craziness. I’m a planner but when my husband suggested an impulse trip to the Dominican Republic I didn’t hesitate for a second. Three days later I stepped off the plane and gazed at the most uniquely tropical airport. No walls! Just thatched roofs and big Ass Fans – no kidding, that’s the official name. These architectural features continued within the tour busses and Resort lobby.

Punta Cana Airport- Tropical thatched roofs & no walls! © Copyright 2012 Blue Sandpiper Imprints

Keeping things cool with a Big Ass Fan


Day 1: Made my way past the pool with swim-up bar & headed for the beach. Sinking my toes into the white sand and immediately all stress drifted away. The plan was to lay claim to the coveted hammocks for my family, but I never made it past the loungers under the grove of palm trees. The next hour or two of ‘me time’ will be spent watching the waves and recharging my creative juices. My amazing view of turquoise waves & speedboats in the horizon is marred only by the speedo clad men emerging from the waves. Did they not see the ‘No Speedo’ sign? I must remember to put one up on my next trip – isn’t it an international unspoken rule? The guys got back from their Zip-line adventure in the mountains in time for lunch at the Cafe by the beach.

Paradise!! The view from my lounger.© Copyright 2012 Blue Sandpiper Imprints











Day 2.  Snub-a, Speedboats & Snorkeling this trio was the best antidote for the rising humidity. The night-time beach party was a riot, we got quite a workout trying to dance in the sand.

A leisurely stroll down the beach led us past this flea market with lots of cool trinkets.© Copyright 2012 Blue Sandpiper Imprints

Surfacing from an underwater paradise



Day 3 found us at the pool swim-up bar trying to recover from days 1 & 2. We took full advantage of the all-inclusive privileges at the numerous feeding stations & never once did I make it to the gym. Actually I did pop my head in for a tour, I’m not sure why I bother to pack gym clothes but at least the intent was there.

Day 4: My kids are trying to cover as much ground as possible with all the activities, before checking out to catch our 4:30pm flight back to reality. I just need one last look at the ocean, these memories will serve us well on cold winter nights when we move North.

One last look at this amazing beach as I walk away© Copyright 2012 Blue Sandpiper Imprints


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