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Growing up on Social Media

Kids today are growing up with their lives documented on social media. Their every move posted by proud parents on Facebook and every accomplishment tweeted, Social Media has taken the place of the flip-out wallet photos & the Christmas newsletter.

My 8-year-old son cringed when he discovered that I’d posted a picture of him wearing a pink & black zebra print coverup as he got a long overdue haircut. I was forgiven only after he’d been assured that none of his friends would ever see it. Yes, like most parents I post the amazing & the Oops, the mishaps & the funny moments. Friends sympathized with my half empty nest lamenting, as my older son packed a U-haul to move to his off-campus apartment, his social media friends also joined in on the banter with teasing comments. Luckily his sense of humor prevailed & to date he hasn’t un-friended me. God forbid, our friends & family should miss a single moment in their lives. Everyone’s so spread out across the country &  the globe, that it’s really a great & efficient way to connect and keep in touch. But how much is too much information being shared? Would we staple photo’s of our precious kiddo’s first guitar solo on a public bulletin board or stick notes about our every thought on a wall at the mall? Probably not. So why is Social Media sharing so popular and addicting? Many of us rarely go a day without checking in to see what’s happening with our hundred plus friends or followers.

I also wonder, when these kids grow up as kids tend to do & inevitably plug-in to Social Media. As they surf the internet & discover the chronicles of their lives depicted in great detail, will they thank us, roll their eyes & cringe, laugh or even care?

Guitar solo  – Blue Sandpiper Imprints

Getting the dreaded back to school haircut, don’t they have cover-up’s for boy’s? – Blue Sandpiper Imprints

Getting ready for the first big move – Blue Sandpiper Imprints


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