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Reviewing a book or app in the iTunes app store


Book and book app reviews are the nicest compliment and reward you can give a writer. It is a gift that keeps giving because it not only helps others to make their decision but it helps to boost visibility in search engines as well. There’s no doubt about it, user reviews carry a lot of weight and are usually a trustworthy source of advise in a market saturated with reading material.

Ok are you ready to write a review online in the iTunes app store? where do you start?

  1. Enter the iTunes app store  Image
  2. Locate the app by clicking on the category ex: books, games or entering the name in the search bar in the top right corner & click enter.
  3. Once you’ve found the app, click on the app’s name, the app information will open in a new window.
  4. To the right of the icon you’ll see the words “Ratings and Reviews”

below will be the option to “write a review” click on the words.

You’ll now be able to leave a rating by clicking on the 5 stars as well as filling out the review box.

There you have it. Now get ready…set….write!   (BTW leave one for me while you’re at it)


Finding the app


Leaving a review

Video Instructions


Gifting or sharing apps in the iTunes App store

I was recently asked by my mother, “Can I give an app as a gift?” Apparently a few of her friends wanted to give apps to their grand kids as gifts. My mom, who’s my biggest supporter has been introducing her peers to the wonderful world of book apps.

Leaving book reviews & gifting apps is proving to be a little tricky as they attempt to navigate the iTunes app store. The answer is “Yes!” and “You can do it!” In this post i’ll guide you thru the process of gifting apps. Watch out for my next post on how to leave app reviews.

It’s easy to do if you follow these simple steps. If you aren’t the lucky recipient of a direct click thru link to the app for  you’ll have to do a search first. example of link to a book app “Grendel’s Great Escape :

  1. Step : Enter the iTunes app store  Image
  2. Locate the app by clicking on the category ex:books, games or entering the name in the search bar in the top right corner & click enter.

4. Below the icon of the app, to the right of the price is an arrow with a drop down menu, this will give you the option to gift the app as well as sharing it by social media or e-mail. – Appy shopping.

Click here for —-> Video Directions 

iPad screenshot


computer screen shot


Any questions? write them below

Creative Kids Activity

Kids are naturally artistic and love nothing more than grabbing a handful of crayons or painting something wonderful. Here’s a summertime activity to help design the lead character’s pet in the upcoming book app ‘Grendel’s Great Escape’ & the chance to win a Cameo role as well. (Like )the M Darville Anaya Face Book Page or                                              * Grendel’s Great Escape “App Star” Contest *                                                                                                                   

*Be an App Star Contest is designed to encourage children/ entrants ages 4-9 years old to decorate Martin’s pet ferret Grendel. Any artistic media is allowed; crayons, water paints, pen sketch, collages etc. 
 * PRIZES. Four talented Winners will get a cameo role on one page of the book app; Grendel’s Great Escape

Help design Grendel’s Ferret for a chance to be an App Star!


* Key Dates *
Artwork/picture of pet Entry Deadline: 8/7/2012 
Winners Selected: 8/8/2012
Winners Announced: 8/9/2012 on M Darville Anaya Face Book Page or
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