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Top Ten Children’s Apps

In the vast sea of apps available today, choosing the right ones can be a difficult and daunting task for parents. As I writer and mom, I have a fondness for apps that encourage learning with fun interaction and well crafted stories which encourage reading. Here are my top ten favorites Apps listed by age group.

Beck & Bo –Preschool


Beck and Bo is non stop fun and giggles for preschoolers. The unique creative artistic style and music is a great backdrop for the activities and it’s a great learning environment and entertainment for children.

Little Fox Music Box – Preschool


Little fox will appeal to music lovers of all ages. This App is a clear favorite with three interactive songs, a record your own song function and the awesome music studio with sounds of every kind to discover. Children will never get tired of playing with Mr Fox.

Leo’s pad Appisode1 – Preschool

This is a perfect blend of entertainment and education which encourages user interaction. Features include lovable characters, amazing 3-D animation.Kids engage in a series of story-related activities which includes drawing a birthday card or finding letters and shapes as they watch the animated story staring Galileo and Leonardo da Vinci

My Beastly ABCs – PreSchool

Kid’s join in this interactive adventure on a magical day filled with friendly monsters from around the world! This brilliant original story comes to life in an educational, fun experience sure to enchant kids. Features include entertaining games and fun interactive activities.

Grendel’s Great Escape ages 4-8yrs 


Android Tablet:
Blue Sandpiper Imprints


A fun and funny show and tell’s day adventure about Martin, a messy little boy and his pet Ferret. Kids will love the animation, interactive features and surprises on every page. The Features include original background music and sound effects, as well as the read to me/read by myself function with highlighted words.

The house that went on strike ages 4-8yrs

The home and it’s appliances go on strike against it’s family to win their respect. This app about respecting the home is wonderfully told in rhyme and beautifully illustrated. Features include loads of interactivity, Original music and word highlighting.

The Magnificent traveling palace ages 4-8yrs                        

You’ll be instantly transported to India in The Magnificent Traveling Palace which is a unique animated book app for children. This app uses technology to bring the enchanting world of India and it’s culture to children. The captivating colorful 3-D illustration and animations together with original music, authentic sounds, and rich interactivity, create an exciting Indian atmosphere through which the adventure comes to life.

Treasure Kai and the lost gold of shark Islandages  5-10yrs



This is one of the most unique and original Apps available which has set the standard for interactivity and activities that move the game forward. Join Kai a modern day explorer as he embarks on a treasure hunt through history in search of lost gold. This unique treasure hunt adventure app uses a choose-your-adventure format.





Gone Wishing ages 5-9yrs

Gone wishing is a highly interactive story about a Genie who couldn’t grant wishes. This app features a fantastic world of Goblins, Fairies, loads of magic and amazing graphics.

The Fantastic Flying books of Morris Lessmore ages 5-9yrs

Based on the short film, this story app is just lovely. This well illustrated, wonderfully told story is vividly stunning. The animation and activities such as the piano and the alphabet cereal are seamlessly integrated into the story.


Featured App: Grendel’s Great Escape – by Smart App for Kids

I’m Thrilled to share a feature post about this Story book App. If you haven’t already downloaded it to the iPad for the kids, Please do so! It’s non stop entertainment for the price of a latte.


Download  Grendel’s Great Escape

Grendel’s Great Escape Video demo

Today’s Featured App will strike a chord with any parent who has had to deal (patiently) with a child who likes to procrastinate.

Does the phrase ‘Oh, I’ll do it later’ sound familiar to anyone? Meet Martin and his very cute pet ferret, Grendel.

Grendel’s Great Escape tells the story of Martin, a little boy who is a tad laid-back about time, tidying and tracking his pet ferret Grendel. Martin has decided to bring Grendel into school for Show and Tell but because he hasn’t secured his pet’s leash properly, Grendel escapes and runs around the school.

Martin and his friends begin a covert search to find the furry ferret who ducks and dives at every turn, even hiding up a janitor’s trouser leg. There’s lots of things to tap and interact with in this story app and there’s the option to read it yourself or have the spoken narration.

Grendel’s Great Escape is sweetly illustrated with cute surprises throughout. It’s a hide and seek mystery where upon each page you look around for the Houdini-esque ferret.  All’s well that ends well and a snoozing Grendel is found and happily displayed for the Show and Tell.

And there are good lessons in this story, (albeit ones I seem to be endlessly repeating). Leave yourself enough time to do things properly, keep your room tidy, organize your schoolbag…I live in hope that one day my kids will actually listen to me.

Perhaps I should get them a pet ferret?

Smart Apps for kids review link:

When Life Gives You Lemons……Get Creative

Not so long ago I suddenly found myself with a chunk of unrequested free time. Having always been a busy working Mom, I was incapable of sitting still or being unproductive. In between Job searches, volunteering & updating my job skills, I got started on my book App. Up to that point, I’d taken the scenic route to writing because life there was never enough time in any given day. Well the time had come & I seized the opportunity to get started. So how does an unemployed mother of two get published? By getting a lot of help along the way & using all the resources around her.

  • Spousal encouragement & support
  • My kids as a constant source of material
  • Free resources at the Small Business Institute
  • Author’s guide to book Apps.
  • A community of Authors & mentors at CBI clubhouse.
  • My son’s 2nd grade teacher reviewed my first manuscripts.
  • Get expert tips from a cousin who’s the social media diva for entertainers.
  • Volunteer in the children’s library (great source of Inspiration)

Eight months later, Grendel’s Great Escape is a reality. It’s Inspired by a child with ADHD, for whom every day is an adventure. This interactive story depicts the Show & Tell day’s adventure of Martin and his pet Ferret Grendel. As with many kids, Martin was always putting things of for later, such as cleaning his room, tackling the laundry monster and leashing his Ferret. In this App, kids will join Martin in his race against time to find Grendel while avoiding the grizzly School Principal.

Where's Grendel

Where’s Grendel


Grendel’s Great Escape Book App

GGE getting help

Recruiting help to find Grendel

Download Grendel’s Great Escape

– iPAD

– Coming soon to Kindle, Nook & Android Tablets

Find out more at


Author’s guide to book Apps

CBI clubhouse

Social Media for Entertainers

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