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The last blooms of Fall

The last blooms of Fall

As the days get colder, I reluctantly head outside armed with my pruning shears & a rake. It’s time for the dreaded fall cleanup. The kids shooting Nerf pellets at each other conveniently scatter, It’ll take some creative bargaining & bribing to get any help from this lot. Even my dog takes a break from rolling in the fallen leaves and runs inside. It’s not a thankless task however, as I enter the garden, I’m greeted with the last blooms of fall.


The roses put on a final show for the season before heading into hibernation


A final burst of pink brightens the garden on a cool fall day


This is the closest we get to fall leaves in North Texas. Some times if we’re lucky, there’s a hint of gold & auburn in the brown mix.


The bamboo stays green until winter, this tranquil spot is one of my favorites in the garden


Spring Fever

Rose Garden
Spring came early this year and I couldn’t wait to get to the nursery.
Armed with a cart full of herbs, assorted annuals and bags upon bags of soil, I was ready to tackle the unforgiving clay that we call soil in North Texas. Enlisting the help of my guys, I was ready to plant. Ian (8) was on weed duty and wanted to know when he was being paid, after 15 minutes he’d had enough and wanted to go to the park. His Dad grabbed a shovel and helped him finish the job. I temporarily convinced my elder son Joe to do some digging in order to relocate the mini roses and save them from certain death by rapidly spreading bamboo. Somehow they didn’t seem to think that gardening was nearly as much fun as I did and disappeared one by one leaving behind, Sonic our dog. He was busy sniffing out his friend, the toad which makes an annual appearance in the garden. At least the quest for the elusive toad, kept him out of the veggie beds long enough for me to put up some rabbit fencing. 
Still a lot of work to do, but the garden is off to a great start. 
The sun’s setting, my husband has the food prepped and is ready to get the grill going. Had I known that grilling was the way to get a man cooking, we’d have build the outdoor grill island a long time ago.


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