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Making a difference – Teachers Rock!


I recently read an article about hero’s. It was written by an Author about the teacher who changed his life.

Teacher’s are indeed the unsung hero’s of all time. Without them where would we be?

If we think back there’s always been at least one teacher and mentor attempting to inspire and pour a wealth of knowledge into receptive minds.

Unfortunately sometimes we are either too young, immature or distracted to appreciate just how much they have to impart and what we have to gain by just sitting still and listening.

Oh how I wish I’d stayed awake during Art history class and paid closer attention during Geometry. Good Teachers will always continue to teach to distracted ears hoping that a nugget or two will get thru, but the great ones will find a way to get thru and make a difference.

I had such a teacher, Mrs Kelly got thru to me in ways I didn’t appreciate until much later in life. She was not only my teacher but also my neighbor, it was in my best interest to make an effort in her English literature class, I couldn’t afford for anything to be said during her chats with Mom. I remember her kindness and charity to those in need and going the extra step to stay after class and help a student.

What I didn’t appreciate was her methods of forcing me to think, she had an infuriating way of answering my questions with another question. If I asked her how to spell a word she answered “how do you think it’s spelled”. Infuriating because I wouldn’t have asked If I had known in the first place. There were many more answers like that, such as “how do you think it’s made” or “Why do you think that happened” She was supposed to teach! not make me figure it out for myself.

Mrs Kelly forced me to think! There was no way around it, I had to use my brain around her. She didn’t stop in the classroom either, did I mention that she lived next door? The mental workout continued on the ride home as well.

Mrs Kelly was a kind soul who loved to teach. She was never off the job, on week-ends she taught me to use a sewing machine at the risk of her sanity and her machine. If patience was a virtue then she will be nominated for sainthood. I showed up often on her doorstep for her amazing grilled cheese sandwiches but there was always a price to pay and I’d unknowingly leave a little bit wiser since there was always a lesson to be learned.

Mrs Kelly or Aunt Pam as she’s lovingly called has long since retired but still find ways to tutor both Adults and Children, she’ll never stop sharing her time and knowledge with those around her.

Like her, great teachers are all around just waiting to share their knowledge and make an impact. Now if only I can persuade my sons to pay attention in class, embrace all that their teachers have to offer and that recess isn’t the best part of their day.


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