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Meet the Mon-Stars

The Narration is completed, Original Music has been composed and the award wining Creativoligist Victor Guiza is creating his magic on the illustrations for Monster Jam. I am thrilled to announce that this Rock Music themed Story Book App is in the final stages of completion.

Monster Jam Children’s Book App is a highly interactive Story book app that builds music awareness. It features an interesting garage band of characters, well on their way to become Mon-stars but first they must make it to the Monster Jam music festival. They’re the Ground Hogs and they rock!

Meet the band


Axe is a little Monster with a big dream. As the guitarist and band leader he’s the glue that holds them together and their driving force. His dreams of being a Mon-Star is on the brink of coming true as he’s just landed the band a spot at the annual Monster Jam.

Skyler: is the only girl in the band but she’s tough enough to hang with the boys. She’s the lead vocalist and is always up front and center.

JD: plays the bass and he’s one cool character who loves to have a good time on stage.

Stones: is a gentle giant. He keeps a low profile, doesn’t have a lot to say and he’s a genius on the keyboard.

Banger: don’t let his size fool you, he’s a feisty little guy with a big personality. Banger is always ready to jam and his drumsticks are never far.

This story is an inspiring one about determination & following dreams, and it’s been a lot of fun bringing all the components together with the Dragon Pencil App Producers, it’s coming alive in an exciting way. The Rock Music theme will immerse children in songs & sound sprites. They will enjoy reading along to the music as well the animation & touch interactions. In the play with the band activity they’ll choose one of three instruments to play as the band performs their signature song “Smashing Daisies” The making of Monster Jam been quite the adventure and we can’t wait to share it with you!

For a more in depth look behind the scenes & the making of Monster Jam, visit the Kids Korner


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