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The last blooms of Fall

The last blooms of Fall

As the days get colder, I reluctantly head outside armed with my pruning shears & a rake. It’s time for the dreaded fall cleanup. The kids shooting Nerf pellets at each other conveniently scatter, It’ll take some creative bargaining & bribing to get any help from this lot. Even my dog takes a break from rolling in the fallen leaves and runs inside. It’s not a thankless task however, as I enter the garden, I’m greeted with the last blooms of fall.


The roses put on a final show for the season before heading into hibernation


A final burst of pink brightens the garden on a cool fall day


This is the closest we get to fall leaves in North Texas. Some times if we’re lucky, there’s a hint of gold & auburn in the brown mix.


The bamboo stays green until winter, this tranquil spot is one of my favorites in the garden


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