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Sept book of the month: The survival guide for kids with ADD or ADHD

School’s back in session and my volunteer duties at the school have resumed. Now that I’m back in the library it’s the perfect time to resume the book of the month posts.


It’s ADHD awareness month so it’s only fitting that September’s book of the month is “Drumroll please”

The survival guide for kids with ADD or ADHD by John F. Taylor, Ph.D.

While stacking books in the library, this book caught my eye. It’s red binding literally pops out amongst the other books and boy was it a great find.


This survival guide is a must read for kids, it’s interesting and written in a way that will make sense to any age group. I borrowed it from the library to gain insight into my sons world and to coax him to reading it. It’s full of great advice including being upfront and descriptive with your doctor when asked if a particular course of treatment is effective or not.

How to take responsibility and dealing with the ramifications of your actions. Learning how to compromise with the other family members and positive ways of dealing with situations. It teaches without preaching and has too many AHA moments to count.

This gem not only benefits the child with ADHD but it helps bring the other siblings and adults in the household into their world as well. Understanding is half the battle so if you have or know someone with ADHD, then this book is the one to read.

My other post at Midlife mum on Living with my ADHD child is worth the read.

The Grendel’s Great Escape children’s digital story is an adventure for all kids inspired by an ADHD child.



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