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It’s been a whole year since my first book app landed in the app store , googleplay and the Tabeo 2 tablet. Time does go fast when you’re having fun. Writing and developing Grendel’s Great Escape was certainly that, plus a lot of hard work. It was trial by fire as I ventured into this relatively new field. Great friendships and relationships were formed while sharing resources with other authors, teachers, librarians, bloggers and app developers.

Since the launch date, there has been updates, enhancements and accolades.

Updates and printable:

Most of all, It’s reached it’s goal to create a fun reading experience for children globally. They’ve responded to the multimedia interactivity that this app features while parents appreciate the productive screen time.

What’s next? why it’s the printed picture book with added pages and enhanced storyline.

To the parents and teachers who’ve downloaded Grendel’s Great Escape; thank you for your support, downloads, feedback and iTunes reviews. It’s your constructive feedback that makes this app better. Please continue to recommend and share.

Got Grendel’s Great Escape?  let me know what you think about this hide and seek themed adventure.

Grendel's Great Escape


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