The Musings, Notes & Book/App reviews of a Children's Writer

Who doesn’t love a good review? I certainly do and couldn’t wait to share this great feature post on The iMums. To celebrate, the Grendel’s Great Escape App will be free all week!


The iMums showcase quality free apps for children that have been installed, tested and recommend.

“Grendel’s Great Escape by Michelle Anaya  is an interactive storybook about a little boy named Martin and his cute pet ferret, Grendel.  This app reminded me of my son who will procrastinate to get out of almost anything including chores!  I loved the hide and seek aspect of the book along with the, “I will do it later!”  I’m always trying to get my son to do it now even though he moves to his own tune. Grab it and rate it in iTunes to say thank you to the developer!  This is also a great story for new and emerging readers as it contains a “read it to myself” as well as a “read it to me” option.


Free this week on iTunes!

Download to  iPad
Download to Android Devices


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