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Merry Christmas from Blue Sandpiper Imprints, home of Grendel’s Great Escape Children’s App. I added a 2nd book this month, it is Christmas after all & there are so many good Christmas books out there, I just couldn’t resist. Plus it will give the kids something to read, Consider it my gift to you.

How Santa lost his Job by Stephen Krensky  illustrated by S.D. Schindler

Santa lost his job

How Santa lost his job
Book Review by M.Anaya
Blue Sandpiper Imprints

This follow-up to ‘How Santa got his job’ is just as entertaining and interesting. In this economy with it’s ups & downs this is a very relevant story, about how Santa was slow to change with the times so the Elves found a way to modernise & maximize production. They build a fantastic machine ‘The deliverator’ that meets all their delivery needs but soon discovers that it lacks the personal touch and know how that only Santa can supply. Yes, it has a happy ending, and is written in a fun and upbeat way that kids will love. With so many children in families facing layoffs and the lifestyle changes it brings, this is a great read for not only Christmas but for anytime of the year.


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