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Local water parks or theme parks are great quick trips for the family on weekends, but maybe you’re venturing a bit further for a family vacay. We ventured to Palm Beach FL for some sea & sand and then drove to Orlando/Universal Studios. If you plan on visiting or thinking about a trip to Universal Studios this Summer, I highly recommend staying at one of their on-site hotels. They’re a little more expensive than local hotels but so worth it. No driving, no parking a mile from the parks and the complementary express passes are like winning the lottery. We stayed at the hard Rock Hotel and just strolled to the theme parks, there are busses and boats too but we only used them at night when we were too exhausted to walk. Three fun-filled days skipping lines and taking in the awesome 3 & 4 D rides-we went on the Men in Black ride 3x’s.

Hogswart Castle at Universal Florida
Photo: M.Anaya- Blue Sandpiper Imprints

Day 1: Rain, Rain and more Rain, but that also meant less crowds. I avoided the death-defying roller coasters and got on-line to get a picture with Captain America.  As a children’s Author, I found Toon Town & Suess Landing to be visually stimulating & very inspiring.

Day 2: Staying at the hotel also meant that we get into Harry Potter’s world at 7am before the park opened. We overslept and later joined the crowds flocking to Hogs Wort & Hogs Meade, lined up for an hour to buy ‘Butter beer’ which turned out to be an ice-cream/cream soda concoction.  I have to say that the ride was worth the two-hour wait strolling thru the castle accompanied by holographic pictures and characters. Unfortunately there was no express lane.

Officer Lou of Springfield P.D. is on the job
Photo by M.Anaya Blue Sandpiper Imprints

The city walk had cool restaurants like Bob Marley’s & Hard Rock cafe  which my little rockers loved, there was also Mardi Gras going on at the time-fun for everyone.   Next time, I have to get my Thing 1, Thing 2 & Mother of all things Tee shirts.

Mardi Gras

Day 3: So exhausted by midday, that the closest we got to the water park was the lovely beach-style hotel pool.  The rest of the week was spent under palm trees, watching the kids build sand castles and boogie boarding on palm beach.

That’s all folks
M.Anaya Blue Sandpiper Imprints


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