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Life Happens

Ever had one of those days that you wished you could do over in a different way? One day that just took a weird turn and never quite got back on track.
The poor economy recently caught up with this household and both my husband and myself became casualties of a massive re-structuring plan. One of the perils of both of us working for the same corporation, I guess – I don’t plan on making that mistake again. How did this happen? Must be a full moon out.  While there are doubts and concerns about an uncertain future, this temporary situation will not defeat me. This an opportunity to get going in a different direction. God is definitely trying to tell me something.
Time to get my butt into gear and get my ‘Tomorow list’ started ‘Today’ while getting my career back on track. 
Now, for a little while, i’ll have time to do alot of things: 
-Vollunteer at my son’s school and at church.
-Take small business seminars at the SBDC-I strongly recomend this for anyone starting a small business.
-Organize stuff around the house and purge – Craigs list or Garage sale
-Get creative and paint my canvases 
-Keep up with my gardening- unfortunately the lawn and flower beds doesn’t weed itself.
-Exercise regularly or at least attempt to.
-Make time for friends- really important, many times we get so caught up with life
  and neglect to have face time with those we love.
-and most of all….stop waiting on a Publisher to decide on one of my picture book manuscripts and publish them myself!

Life happens for me…not to me_ Oprahs life class
Blank Canvas- Any suggestions?


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